Sudburians paying more for shelter, StatsCan says

There are more Sudburians shelling out for living accommodations, StatsCan says.

South end, Donovan areas show spike in the number of people devoting more paycheque to rent

More people in Sudbury are paying more for basic living costs, says a recent StatsCan report. (Canadian Press)

Sudburians are shelling out more for living accommodation, StatsCan says.

Numbers from the 2016 census indicate that over 42 per cent of people in the Donovan and Flour Mill neighbourhoods, as well as in the south end, spend more than 30 per cent of their average monthly total income on shelter costs, such as rent or mortgage payments, electricity, heat and property taxes or fees.

Sudbury's housing affordability 

In Hanmer, only 7.9 per cent of households hit the 30 per cent threshold.

Rents are also on the increase. The median rent (half the numbers of properties higher, half lower) in most neighbourhoods in the city has increased over the last five years.

StatsCan's report also says the average price for a unit in the city is over $1000 a month.

Since the last census, rents in the south end and Azilda show the largest increase in rent costs.

The median rents in Hanmer and Azilda are over $1,500 a month, while the Donovan and Cambrian Heights neighbourhoods hover around $720.

Median rent in the south end— the area south of the Highway 17 bypass— have also doubled since 2011, the report says. The median monthly rent sits around $1600 a month.

Rent in Sudbury


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