Minor hockey teams in Sudbury join forces to donate to Infant Food Bank

Minor hockey teams in the Sudbury area have teamed up with a local business to donate to the Infant Food Bank.

Hockey players and local business team up for Infant Food Bank and donations take off

MJ Pappin-Lamoureux and Dave Cormier team up to collect donations for Sudbury's Infant Food Bank. (Waubgeshig Rice/CBC)

Minor hockey teams in the Sudbury area have joined forces with a local business to donate to the Infant Food Bank.

Dave Cormier manages the Nickel City Sons Minor Bantam AAA hockey team.

He says he's always been a fan of trying to give back to the community.

So, he had an idea to start a fundraiser for the Infant Food Bank in Sudbury.  

"The little ones are the ones who I feel often need help the most," he said.

His team has been collecting donations from parents and fans at its home games and they've recruited at least nine other teams to do the same.

Cormier approached MJ Pappin-Lamoureux, owner of Little Guys' Pizza in Azilda.

Some of the items donated to the Infant Food Bank were collected at Little Guys' Pizza in Azilda.

"I approached her to partner up and to take advantage of her social media presence and it's kind of taken off from there," Cormier said.

"And it's gotten way bigger than I thought it would ever be," he added.

"The hockey community is a fantastic community," said Cormier. "We're very privileged to be a part of it and there's so many good people involved — the parents, the kids, and the fans," he added.

"When this type of opportunity arises, they always seem to step up, and they're very generous," he said.

Cormier came from a household that didn't have a lot of money so he wasn't able to play hockey when he was young.

"But as my kids grew up and got involved with hockey, I got involved as well and have managed their teams over the last 12 years," explained Cormier. "We've always tried to give back," he said.

MJ Pappin-Lamoureux says that part of the mission statement of her business, Little Guys' Pizza, is to be community minded.

She also has a hockey background. Her father, Jim Pappin, played for the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Chicago Blackhawks. Her brother played hockey at a high level in North Dakota. 

"For this initiative, partnering with hockey teams seemed pretty natural," said Pappin-Lamoureux. 

With the number of teams that jumped in to support the cause, Pappin-Lamoureux says she's "pretty excited and actually pleasantly surprised by the amount of support."

She says the young hockey players are learning a valuable lesson.

"I think it's really important for the kids to learn outside of the rink that you can have an impact on your community,"she said. "And these are life skills that transfer from your coach on the ice to your first job as a teenager or applying for university," she added.

Minor hockey teams in the Sudbury area are teaming up with a local business to donate to the infant food bank this holiday season. Dave Cormier with the Nickel City Sons and MJ Pappin-Lamoureux, the owner of Little Guys' Pizza in Azilda explain how the partnership came about. 7:43

With files from Waubgeshig Rice


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