Imagine Cinemas promise to boost luxury options for Sudbury movie-goers

A new movie theatre is hoping to bring an audience back to the downtown Sudbury mall.
For a few years, there's only been one place to go to the movies in Sudbury. But soon a company called Imagine Cinemas will open in the former location of Rainbow Cinemas in the downtown mall — but it doesn't look like your typical movie theatre.
Imagine Theatres is calling it a new way of watching movies in Sudbury. The company will offer a luxury movie viewing experience. The CBC's Olivia Stefanovich met with the general manager of Imagine Cinemas to find out more.

A new movie theatre is hoping to bring an audience back to the downtown Sudbury mall.

Imagine Cinemas is taking over the space once occupied by Rainbow Cinemas.

Its aim is to create a VIP, luxury viewing experience with reclining seats.

General manager Gina Facca said she's interested in working with Cinefest and playing local films.

"Cinefest is one of the largest festivals in Canada now — and because of that, we saw an opportunity to bring not only the Hollywood movies, but also enable local filmmakers and art movies to be played here," she said.

So far, there haven't been any arrangements made between Cinefest and Imagine Cinemas — but having another theatre in town that has reclining chairs and allows viewers to select their seats before show time, may be something festival organizers will come to appreciate.

Facca said movie-goers in Sudbury are under-served.

"There's about one screen for every 12,000 people here in Sudbury — and I'd say the average in Ontario is probably sitting around 7,000-8,000 people per screen."

Once Imagine is open for business, Facca said she's interested in working with Cinefest.

The theatre is slated to open early in May.


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