Ice jam in Vermillion River being monitored by Conservation Sudbury

Conservation Sudbury says some concerned citizens reported a small ice jam in the Vermillion River in the Town of Capreol. The general manager says the situation is being monitored to make sure flooding doesn't happen.

Unusual for ice jam to form in late fall; normally it's a spring problem

Conservation Sudbury is monitoring this small ice jam in the Vermillion River in the Town of Capreol. Some nearby residents are concerned it may cause flooding (Submitted by Ray Pauze)

Conservation Sudbury is keeping an eye on a small ice jam on the Vermillion River in the Town of Capreol.

Some residents in the community are concerned it could cause flooding.

Carl Jorgenson, general manager of Conservation Sudbury believes a brief period of cold temperatures coupled with strong winds may have caused the pile-up of ice in the shallow area of the river.

"There are several places where the water is either going over top of the build up of ice or in between spaces that have been created," he said.

Conservation Sudbury says it's unusual to see an ice jam form in late fall. They are normally a spring problem. (Submitted by Ray Pauze)

"Perhaps someone, a well-meaning person in the area, went out and chipped some of the ice away."

That's not something Jorgenson advises anyone to do, adding that it could be dangerous.

Spring problem in December

Jorgenson sayd an ice jam is usually a spring problem.

"So for this to happen at this time of year, really we're in late fall or the beginning of winter, it's a little bit unusual for sure," Jorgenson said.

Conservation Sudbury and the City of Greater Sudbury are monitoring the situation to make sure the ice jam doesn't cause a problem.


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