"I hate politics, but I love people" says NDP incumbent for Timmins-James Bay

Charlie Angus, NDP candidate for Timmins-James Bay, says northern issues are not on the radar of the other major parties.

Charlie Angus is running in his sixth federal election for the NDP

Charlie Angus has been the NDP MP for Timmins-James Bay since 2004. (Chris Young/Canadian Press)

Charlie Angus, the NDP candidate for Timmins-James Bay, says northern issues are not on the radar of the other major parties.

He says the NDP is ready to shore up programs that will help the north, such as building on immigration and programs to keep young, educated people in the north.

He says he also sees a growing problem of people not being able to make ends meet.

"In Timmins, there are over 2,000 homeless people in a city of 44,000."

Angus says it is time for the billionaires to pay their share and his party is not shy about taxing the one percent.

"I think if you tell someone making over $20-million a year they can pay one per cent more, if they cry, that's too bad. That's a pretty reasonable ask."

He says that alone will bring in between $10 billion and $70 billion.

Angus says he is excited about the future of his region. He says he's seen an incredible boom in Kirkland Lake and with a growing agriculture and resource sector, young families are starting to return.

As for being a politician for the past 15 years, he has mixed feelings.

"I hate politics, but I love people."

He says it is all about the people he gets to meet and the ideas and stories that they share.  

The political slogging, not so much.


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