Serious injuries in Highway 11 collision near Earlton

Provincial police were called to multiple collisions along Highway 11 Wednesday, including one involving two tractor trailers, that resulted in serious injuries.

OPP closed roadway from North Bay to New Liskeard due to poor weather conditions

OPP say Remi Breault, 44, of New Liskeard, Ont., died in this crash near Earlton, Ont., late Wednesday morning. (OPP/Twitter)

Provincial police closed Highway 11, between North Bay and New Liskeard on Wednesday due to weather conditions.

Sergeant Jeannine Grassie told CBC news OPP received multiple reports of collisions along Highway 11, all due to poor road conditions from the recent snowfall.

One of those crashes involved two tractor trailers and was described as serious. It happened near Earlton late Wednesday morning.

Police reopened Highway 11 around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.