Changes to Sudbury transit system raise concerns over cancelled routes and stops

The City of Greater Sudbury is moving forward with its new transit system.

GOVA launches on Monday in Greater Sudbury

Some transit stops in Sudbury will be eliminated as the city's gets ready to implement its new transit system called GOVA. (Martha Dillman/CBC)

The City of Greater Sudbury is moving forward with its new transit system.

Starting Aug. 26, the GOVA system will be launched. The system will feature new routes and schedules.

However a Sudbury resident says he has a few concerns about the system. Adrien Berthier says some of the existing routes and stops are being eliminated.

"It just seems like it was just making it a less attractive option for people who want to take the bus and leave their car at home," he said. 

"If they have to walk five minutes to the nearest bus stop, why bother? Why not just drive instead?"

Berthier says he is physically able to walk further to the nearest stop. However, he says he has concerns for others who can't.

Sudbury resident Adrien Berthier says he has concerns about the new Sudbury transit system called GOVA. (Martha Dillman/CBC)

"I can't imagine seniors doing it or people who are not fully able-bodied." he said.

Michelle Ferrigan, the city's director of transit services, says the transit system was due for an upgrade. She says the new system will be more reliable for riders.

"We were having an issue with our current system," she said.

"It hasn't been changed in over 20 years. So naturally, patterns changes, traffic changes and our system just can't keep up."

Michelle Ferrigan is the director of transit services for the City of Greater Sudbury. (Martha Dillman/CBC)

Ferrigan says if a stop near your home is moved and you can't get to it, to contact the city.

"This is what the GOVA family of services is all about," she said.

"No longer do we have three separate systems. They're all going to work together to make sure that we're not leaving anyone behind. For those who have mobility issues who can't access a stop, they can call our GOVA Plus system. Our staff will be helping them."

Ferrigan says the city will have staff on the buses on Monday to help riders navigate the new system.


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