Climate change educators moving strike to Laurentian University

The students behind the Fridays for the Future climate strikes in Sudbury are moving their picket to Laurentian University.

Organizers say Laurentian has signed letter of support for 'striking' students

Adam Kirkwood is leading a push to educate Sudbury students about climate change. (Angela Gemmill/CBC)

The students behind the Fridays for the Future climate strikes in Sudbury are moving their picket to Laurentian University.

Since November, students like 11-year old Sophia Mathur and a few of her classmates have been staying home from school on the first Friday of each month. 

It's meant to draw attention to climate change and other environmental problems.

Adam Kirkwood, a science and biology grad student at Laurentian organized the event.

He told CBC News that he plans to provide the students with some climate education before the information picket this afternoon.

He's calling it a day of "climate education."

"We really need to support the youth and the younger generations in their climate strikes," Kirkwood said. "It is their future as much as it is ours and I want to help them protect it for my children as well and for them and their children."

"It's great to provide kids with the support they need in becoming educated," he said. "There's no point preparing for their future if there's not going to be a future."

Kirkwood said he plans on making a special announcement at today's event, outlining his school's involvement in the movement.

"Laurentian has signed an open letter of support for kids in Sudbury to be striking from school," Kirkwood said. "We have nearly 100 signatures from staff, faculty and students at Laurentian."

The information picket is planned for the main entrance to Laurentian starting at 3:30 this afternoon.

On the first Friday of every month, a group of students in Sudbury holds a climate strike to get adults to pay attention to the issue of climate change. One particular adult has taken notice... Laurentian grad students Adam Kirkwood. He's invited the students to come to Laurentian University and offered to help organize the Friday's for the Future climate strike. He joined us in studio to tell us more. 6:53


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