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Meet the professional figure skater and future doctor slinging schnitzels in Timmins

Twins Julia and Victor Polowy own Schnitzels and Strudels North, a food truck in the Timmins community of Porcupine.

Julia and Victor Polowy are also twins!

Two people stand in front of a blue food truck. A sign at the top says 'Schnitzels and Strudels'.
Julia and Victor Polowy in front of their food truck, Schnitzels and Strudels North. (Submitted by Julia Polowy)

For most of the year, 22-year-old Julia Polowy travels the world as a professional figure skater while her twin brother, Victor studies neuroscience and human biology at the University of Toronto, with plans to become a doctor.

But come late spring, they return home to the Timmins community of Porcupine and run a bright blue food truck called Schnitzels and Strudels North.

A schnitzel in a hamburger bun with some plain potato chips.
The Euro Classic: fried pork loin topped with coleslaw, havarti, lettuce and a grainy mustard-mayo mix. (Submitted by Julia Polowy)

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Schnitzels and Strudels North is located at 730 Falcon St. in the Timmins community of Porcupine.

An apple strudel.
An apple strudel. (Submitted by Julia Polowy)

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