Fat bike journey done on the ice road completed by 4 men

Four cyclists have just completed an epic journey on fat bikes down the James Bay Coast.

$7K raised for the Timmins Native Friendship Centre

The temperatures dipped down to minus 40 while four men travelled on fat bikes from Attawapiskat to Smooth Rock Falls. (Supplied/Eric Batty)

Four cyclists have just completed an epic journey on fat bikes down the James Bay Coast.

The eight day trip covering 600 kilometres took them from Attawapiskat down to Smooth Rock Falls.

"The trip was awesome," Buck Miller, one of the cyclists said. "It was amazing. It was a huge success."

The group started their trip in Attawapiskat and biked across James Bay, in hopes to make make to Akimiski Island which is part of Nunavut. But open water would have resulted in a multi-day detour.

They drove back to Attawapiskat and drove down the ice road instead.

As for how they handled the elements? Very well, considering the first night they were out, it dipped down to minus 40.

"There were cold nights … but our gear was good," he said.

They needed the winter gear as they were not only cycling outside, but tenting overnight along the way.

"We were warm. We stayed warm," he said.

Buck Miller took part in the trip. (Supplied/Eric Batty)

Miller says the ice road for the most part was easy to travel on but says there were a few crashes along the way.

But he says some of the most memorable moments were the people they met along the way.

"Everyone asked if we were ok and needed anything," he said.

"We met so many people who were offering support and giving us thanks for raising money for the Timmins Native Friendship Centre."

Miller says the group raised just over $7,000 for the centre's office in Moosonee.

With files from Waubgeshig Rice


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