Remembering the 'magical' Falcona Camp: former company-run camp closing after 80 years

In the midst of winter, generations of Sudburians are thinking about summer after word that Falcona Camp is closing after 80 years.

Name of camp switched to Camp Falcona when taken over by YMCA in 1990s

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      Lana Sissons has spent most of her summers on the shores of Nelson Lake, in the northern reaches of what is today Greater Sudbury.

      When she was five years old back in 1948, she first went to Falcona Camp, which was built in 1937 for the children of the men who worked in the Falconbridge nickel mines.

      For Sissons, it meant spending the summer with all of her friends, who also lived in the company town of Falconbridge. Among them was her future husband Bob, who grew up across the street.

      They both became camp counsellors by the 1960s, and in the 1980s they returned to be camp directors for 10 years.

      Shortly after they left, the mining company, now known as Xstrata, transferred the camp to the YMCA which ran it for 20 years before deciding last week to shut it down.

      Lana Sissons shared some of her Falcona memories with Markus Schwabe on Morning North.