Engineers investigate Elliot Lake mall collapse

Another investigation has been announced into the June 23 partial roof collapse at the Algo Centre Mall that killed two women.

Association wants to know if engineering and contracting work was done properly

Another investigation has been announced into the June 23 partial roof collapse at the Algo Centre Mall that killed two women.

The group that represents professional engineers in the province said it will examine whether engineering work to the structure of the mall was done properly.

Professional Engineers Ontario said it wants to know if contractors complied with recommendations made by engineers during the mall's existance.

"It wasn't a cascade failure where one part coming down, brought the rest down," said Denis Dixon, president of PEO.

"That would seem to indicate most of the structure was designed well, unless they find something to tell them otherwise during the investigation."

The PEO is a statutory body that regulates more than 80,000 engineers in the province. Investigators with the association are provided powers, similar to those provided to law enforcement officials under a search warrant, to enter the business premises of the licence or certificate holder under investigation and examine anything relevant to the subject of the investigation.

These investigations could lead to discipline of PEO licence or certificate holders by the association.

In addition, the association has offered to assist Justice Paul R. Bélanger, who is leading the public inquiry into the mall collapse, in reviewing relevant legislation, regulations and bylaws, as well as the policies, processes and procedures of provincial and municipal governments and others with respect to structural integrity and safety, and the emergency management and response to the collapse of the Algo Centre Mall.

The PEO has stated it expects to seek standing at the Inquiry Hearing, as stated in a Sept. 10 news release (see below).

Provincial police are conducting a ciminal investigation into the collapse.

It isn't known when those results will be announced.