Elgin St. construction zone fatal: construction resumes amid lingering questions

Construction is expected to resume this week at the site where a pedestrian was killed in downtown Sudbury.
Last week's fatal incident in an Elgin Street construction zone is a tragedy that resident Yvonne Lentir says many saw coming. (Pierre-Mathieu Tremblay/Radio-Canada)
What responsibility does the city of Greater Sudbury bear for last week's Elgin Street construction tragedy? We put the question to the city's chief administrative officer Kevin Fowke. 9:26
Construction is expected to resume this week at the site where a pedestrian was killed in downtown Sudbury.

The city of Greater Sudbury received multiple complaints about the site before the tragic death of a pedestrian last week — and a city manager told CBC News that three city staff were on the scene when the fatality happened.

Chief administrative officer Kevin Fowke maintains it's not the city's fault.

"We feel answerable in many ways to some of the questions that I know the community has," he said.

"But, at the same time, the regulations are clear that the accountability for safety is the accountability of the constructors."
Kevin Fowke is the city of Greater Sudbury's chief administrative officer. (Markus Schwabe/CBC)

Fowke said the city was satisfied with the work being done by the contractor, Interpaving.

"This is a long-standing relationship that we have with this particular contractor," he continued.

"And like I say, they've been very forthcoming and helpful. And I have no doubt that they will moving forward in terms of making sure that we understand everything about this incident."

Christ the King senior citizen centre resident Yvonne Lentir said the fatality did not come as a surprise to many, as numerous seniors crossed that section of road on a daily basis.

"It's terrible how hard they [seniors] have a hard time to cross it. They have to fix this corner better than this. This is terrible. It's a shame. I'm ashamed for the city. I'm ashamed for the contractor," Lentir said.

"When we had the cops, everything was going fine. They should've kept the police men. Never mind the budget. Think about the seniors."

Interpaving declined repeated CBC News requests for comment on this story.

Meanwhile, investigations by police and the Ministry of Labour continue at the site.

A pedestrian, 58, was struck and killed by this piece of construction equipment on Elgin Street in Sudbury Wednesday afternoon. (Marina von Stackelberg/CBC)


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