Eacom's Timmins mill to reopen in April

Work is beginning to rebuild a Timmins sawmill destroyed by fire this past winter.

Some employees have picked up work at the company's Nairn Centre sawmill

The Eacom Timber Corporation McChesney mill is located on the east side of the Mattagami River, and is known as the oldest and longest-running sawmill in Timmins. (CBC)

Work is beginning to rebuild a Timmins sawmill destroyed by fire this past winter.

About 120 people were put out of work in January when the Eacom mill was shutdown after the blaze.

Company vice-president Mel Lemky said he's ordering new machinery.

In the meantime, some of the Timmins employees have been working in Eacom's sawmill in Nairn Centre, just west of Sudbury.

Lemky said an extra shift was added at the Nairn mill, to keep up with rising demand for lumber.

"We've tried to ramp up here a little bit to hold market value, hold forestry value, to try to hang on to business, as a whole, as much as we can," he said.

Lemky noted the Timmins mill is scheduled to be sawing logs again by April.

"We're going ahead with the building of Timmins [and] ordering machinery, probably within a week."