51-year-old love note on drywall gets returned to Sudbury man

Love can be found in the strangest of places. And for one Sudbury man, it came in the form of a piece of drywall.

'I didn't think something so small could mean so much to a family,' says woman who found note decades later

Rebecca Churan was renovating her home when she found a love note written on a piece of drywall. She returned the note to the home's previous owner Roy Langdon, who wrote the note for his wife Germaine 51 years ago. (Claudette Leblanc)

Love can be found in the strangest of places. And for one Sudbury man, it came in the form of a piece of drywall. 

Roy Langdon was surprised this past Easter weekend when a woman stopped by his home and gave him a piece of old drywall. 

Written on it, in French and English, was a note he wrote for his late wife that said, "Germaine loves Roy, 1965 Mars 1st."

Langdon, 92, had trouble remembering the note he wrote 51 years ago, his daughter Claudette Leblanc told CBC News. 

But after some time, she added that memories of the past started coming back to her father. 

"He was thrilled, " Leblanc said. "He's planning to frame it and put it in his pool room." 

Roy Langdon pencilled this note for his wife on a wall in his former home in Blezard Valley. It says, in English and French, "Germaine loves Roy, 1965 Mars 1st." (Claudette Leblanc)

Rebecca Churan, who now lives in the family's old home in Blezard Valley, said she discovered the note in her living room about a week ago while she was doing renovations on her walls. 

Thinking that the note should be in the hands of someone else, she posted a picture of the inscription on Facebook. She soon got in touch with Leblanc, who invited her to deliver the note during the Easter weekend. 

"I didn't think something so small could mean so much to a family," Churan said about the note. 

"You could just tell the family was just in awe. The love that I felt when I brought it was so unbelievable." 

Couple was 'inseparable' 

Leblanc, who is the eldest of six children, said her father and mother were inseparable and "joined at the hip." Her mother, Germaine, died of cancer in 2006. 

"When she passed away, a little piece of him died," Leblanc said. "They did everything together. It was a loving marriage." 

Roy Langdon and his wife Germaine. (Claudette Leblanc)

Leblanc added that the whole family is so thankful for what Churan did for their father as it brings back "beautiful memories." 

Churan, who plans to renovate the house so it can be sold in the future, said she wants to invite the family over for breakfast after it's finished so they can see their childhood home. 

"It's crazy that there's so much history to a house," she said. 

Leblanc, who remembers her parents leaving notes for each other all over the house, joked that Churan might come across another one. 

"My dad loves writing everywhere. There could be more in the house and Rebecca might find another piece!" 


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