Destination Killarney hopes to hire 80 seasonal employees for summer

From cooks, to dockhands, to bartenders and housekeepers: Destination Killarney has about 80 positions that need to be filled for the summer season.

Last season Destination Killarney hired about 60 seasonal staff

The experiences the staff have brings them back year after year, says General Manager of Destination Killarney, Kelly McAree (Submitted by Kelly McAree)

From cooks, to dockhands, to bartenders and housekeepers: Destination Killarney has about 80 positions that need to be filled for the summer season.

"We are looking for those people who want and amazing summer experience, having fun at staff activities and events while working hard to provide our guests with the best experience possible," said Kelly McAree, the general manager of Killarney Mountain Lodge and The Sportsman's Inn, collectively known as Destination Killarney.

The season runs from May until October each year and to fill the needs of the growing resort, McAree says they are hiring more employees this year than they have in the past.

"Quite a number of our staff is seasonal," he said, with The Sportsman Inn being the only year-round facility with about a dozen employees. 

Destination Killarney often hires students from college and university, the seasonal jobs line up with the summer breaks. They also accept co-ops and apprenticeships, says McAree, which helps both with the hiring of needed staff but also gives students a chance to learn in their field for the summer.

"Co-ops are a great way to encourage university students to come to us so they can fill their course requirements... apprenticeships are also extremely valuable especially when we're talking about the kitchen, we are looking for excited and enthusiastic young chefs to join our team," he says.

But it's not just the good timing and the school credit that attracts students.

"The overall goal is not only for us to provide the staffing levels we need but we really want to create a teaching environment and an opportunity for kids not only to have a great time, earn some money but also to develop, go on to better things later in life," said McAree.

It's not only students who work at Destination Killarney and some staff continue to come back year after year. 

"The average length of time staff members stay with us is probably about three to four years, but we have staff that's been with us for up to 35 (years)... returning every summer," he says.

And it's the experience they get while working that keeps them coming back year after year.

"We go a long way to provide additional experiences for our staff, we have a staff activity calendar, fun activities everyday and we also try to get them out on our sail program or cruising or fishing and they have free access to our canoes, kayaks and bikes. So mostly kids come away with a life long experience," said McAree.


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