David Kelly, Sudbury sci-fi novelist, ready for Graphic-Con

Sudbury’s David Kelly is ready to get his “geek” on.

Author of Joe Ballen series draws on science, technology and imagination to create

Sudbury's David Kelly is the author of sci-fi novels 'Mathematics of Eternity' and 'Perimeter.' (Markus Schwabe CBC)

Sudbury's David Kelly is ready to get his "geek" on.

The science fiction author is bringing his two novels, Perimeter and Mathematics of Eternity, both books in the Joe Ballen series, to a booth at the Sudbury Arena this Saturday as part of Graphic-Con.

The convention brings together artists, writers, comic book fans and "cosplayers" for a one-day event.

Graphic-Con, which organizers say aims to bring together "creative, artistic and imaginative minds in northern Ontario," is an appropriate venue for Kelly's series, which is set 150 years in the future.

"[The series] is about a space engineer who's had an accident, and now he's a flying taxi driver in Baltimore," Kelley told CBC's Morning North.

"[The story] centres around a prototype starship and a line of dead scientists in a conspiracy. He gets drawn into that conspiracy and has to solve it before he gets arrested."

The main character, Joe Ballen, is a "fast-talking, smart mouthed character," Kelly said. 

David Kelly's two novels will be available this weekend at Sudbury's Graphic-Con. (Nemesis Press)

Kelly said his background is in science and technology, which informs how characters interact with their world.

"It's the kind of imagination of thinking 'what's out there in other worlds?,'" he said. "And [the genre's] speculative aspects, and the inclusion of science and logical thinking is what appeals to me."

His background in technology also helps Kelly create the fictional world his characters inhabit.

"I do a lot of research, and try to keep [the stories] as reasonably grounded in reality as possible," he said.

"Maybe one line here or there ends up in the books. There's a lot for research that goes in behind the scenes."

Fans can check out Kelly's books this Saturday at the Sudbury Arena. For more information on schedules and ticket price, visit Graphic-Con's web site.