Downtown Sudbury business owner trying to remain positive after another theft

A downtown Sudbury business owner is trying to stay positive after she had to make another phone call to the police.
The Cedar Nest has been dealing with thefts, break ins and vandalism. (Jamie-Lee McKenzie/CBC)

A downtown Sudbury business owner is trying to stay positive after she had to make another phone call to the police.

Sue Peters is the owner of the Cedar Nest, a café and boutique on Cedar Street. She says last week her laptop, which had both personal and business information on it, was stolen during business hours and this was not the first time she had to report an incident to the Greater Sudbury Police Service.

Peters says earlier this year someone broke in after they smashed one of her windows and there was another incident when someone vandalised the patio.

However, through the string of bad luck, Peters says she's trying to stay positive.

"There's so many good people in the world, there's a couple bad but there's so many good [people] in the world and that I think is what keeps you coming back and keeps you getting out of bed every morning and putting on a pot of soup," she said.

"And the community's been absolutely astounding when it comes to support."

She says people in the community have offered to get her a new laptop or to borrow one in the meantime, but she says the issue is not just about the laptop.

"It's just a laptop, a laptop can be replaced," she said, "every time you try and get ahead ... one step forward two steps back."

"It's depressing to have to keep coming in every day and you work hard and then somebody takes advantage of you in some way," said Peters.

The other downtown businesses have also been very supportive of her and the issues she's been dealing with.

Sue Peters is the owner of the Cedar Nest in downtown Sudbury. (Jamie-Lee McKenzie/CBC)

"This community and specifically downtown, you know, they've always been there for us and they root us on and that's the only reason that we , that I can get up in the morning and keep coming in, truly and honestly," said Peters.

Peters doesn't think her business is being targeted, but she says she doesn't know why these things keep happening to her. 

"I'm not sure why it keeps happening to us, I'm just trying to have a positive attitude ... You just got to keep going, I mean I can't walk out at this point, there's a lot invested when you go into business so there's no real there's no real turning back," she said.

The Greater Sudbury Police Service is investigating the incident and anyone with information is asked to call the police or Crime Stoppers.

However, Peters says she's not confident that she'll get her laptop back. She says they have suspicions of who stole it, but without surveillance, she says it's hard to prove. 


Jamie-Lee McKenzie is from Kebaowek First Nation. She's a Reporter with CBC Sudbury. She's also worked as a Reporter and Associate Producer with CBC Manitoba and CBC North in Whitehorse. Reach her at or connect with her on Twitter @JamieMcKenzie_


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