CarePartners ends six-month lockout by pulling jobs out of Sudbury

The nearly six-month lockout is over for 29 employees of CarePartners in Sudbury, but they won't be going back to their jobs. The company has decided to move those jobs to southern Ontario.

Lockout that began in early June ends with company closing Sudbury office

United Steelworkers Local 2020 staff representative Mike Scott says after locking out 29 Sudbury employees for nearly six months, CarePartners is closing its Sudbury office. (Angela Gemmill/CBC)

The nearly six-month lockout is over for 29 employees of CarePartners in Sudbury, but they won't be going back to their jobs.

The company, which has a contract with the provincial government to schedule home care visits by personal support workers, has decided to close its Sudbury office and move those jobs to southern Ontario.

"We were told the cost is cheaper for them to move the work elsewhere so that scheduling for northern Ontario will be done in the south or the east of Ontario," says Mike Scott, a staff representative with United Steelworkers Local 2020, which represents the CarePartners employees.

He says the closure agreement does provide severance pay for the workers losing their jobs, but Scott says 22 of the 29 members moved on to other work during the lockout.

"The silver lining in this is that our members have learned a lot through this lockout in the fact that they are worth more than what CarePartners told them they were," says Scott. 

"And as a matter of fact they've all, the ones who have found work, have found better paying jobs.

CarePartners still has a contract with the Northeast Local Health Integration Network to provide personal support workers across northeastern Ontario.

The LHIN says it's been assured those services will continue.

CarePartners did not return phone calls or emails requesting comment. 


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