OPP rescue stranded woman after camping trip ends in fight

Provincial Police say a “heated argument” led to a camper being stranded and having to be rescued on the Spanish River. 

A 5-day canoe trip between friends on the Spanish River "hits the rocks"

A 5-day canoe trip down the Spanish River ended in a 'heated argument' and a stranded 35-year old woman, Sudbury OPP say. (John Konecny)

Provincial Police say a "heated argument" between two campers on the Spanish River triggered a series of events that led to a woman needing to be rescued. 

Manitoulin OPP say they received a report of a stranded person on the Spanish River in Dennie Township shortly after midnight June 21. 

According to police, two women left Duke Lake on June 17 to go on a five day canoeing trip down the Spanish River. Toward the end of the journey, police say the friends became embroiled in an argument.

One woman left in the canoe, while the other was left on shore with a tent and limited supplies in an area with no cellular service,

The woman continued down the river on an inflatable sleeping pad, but before she left the campsite, she wrote "SOS" in the sand.

Once she reached an area with a cellular signal, the woman contacted her spouse for help, providing her new coordinates. Police, assisted by Ontario Park Rangers, found the woman in a remote area around 11:20 a.m and airlifted her to safety. 

Police said she was assessed by Sudbury Emergency Medical Services, but other than suffering insect bites, was in good health. 


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