Despite lineups, Sudbury cannabis store reporting 'fantastic' business since opening

The lineup has been steady outside Canna Cabana in Sudbury's south end since it opened its doors on Saturday. It's the first of two cannabis stores to open in northern Ontario.

Canna Cabana opened Saturday, and with the exception of Easter Sunday, has seen a steady stream of customers

The lineup of customers outside Canna Cabana in Sudbury has been steady since it opened Sat. Apr. 20, with the exception of Easter Sunday, when it was closed for the holiday. (Bienvenu Senga/Radio-Canada)

There has been a steady lineup outside a strip mall in south-end Sudbury since Saturday morning.

That's when northern Ontario's first cannabis store — Canna Cabana — opened its doors on Long Lake Road.

"We've got a big store, with a lot of product and the ability to get more product as we need it," co-owner Michael Hogewoning said.

"We're not worried about maintaining the inventory for the crowd. We might not have everything all the time. But in general, we're not going to run out. We're prepared for it."

Michael Hogewoning, co-owner of Canna Cabana in Sudbury, says he's not worried about the store running out of product. (Bienvenu Senga/Radio-Canada)

The store was closed for the Easter Sunday holiday, but reopened Monday, again with a long and steady lineup of customers outside.

Amit Singhla is a sales associate, who was stationed outside the store Monday.

He told CBC News that once inside, each customer gets one-on-one attention from a sales associate.

A visit can last between 15 to 30 minutes depending on the customer's experience with cannabis.

That's why there is a lineup waiting outside, but Singhla says customers waiting have been very patient.

The store is open from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday to Sunday, except on holidays. Singhla says that around 10 p.m. they do have to explain to customers still in the lineup that they may not get to make a purchase before the store closes.

Singhla describes business as "fantastic and busy" since the store opened on Saturday, and added that "everyone who leaves, leaves with a smile on their face."

Canna Cabana is the first of two cannabis stores to open in northern Ontario.

The other, Highlife, to open on Marcus Drive, is still closed due to delays in licencing.

With files from Angela Gemmill


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