Canadian and American Army convoy on route through northeastern Ontario

If you’re seeing an increase in military convoys throughout northeastern Ontario, don’t be concerned.
More than 70 military vehicles are moving through northeastern Ontario as part of Maple Caravan. The Canadian Armed Forces says it's partnered with the United States Army to move equipment from Quebec to Alberta. (Master Corporal Simon Duchesne/supplied)

If you're seeing an increase in military convoys throughout northeastern Ontario, don't be concerned.

The Canadian Armed Forces is in the process of moving more than 70 vehicles and training equipment — including vehicles, mowers, tents and tables — from Valcartier, Quebec to Wainwright, Alberta.

It's part of Exercise Maple Caravan.

Major André Berdais said it's a partnership between Canadian and American armies.

He said it's not uncommon for the Canadian Armed Forces to train with allies, and added this move in particular took a lot of planning.

"It's a 4,000 km logistic move," he said.

"You don't often do that. So the Americans were willing to help us out on that and it helps them too for their training."

He said the plan is to not have a great impact on motorists in the region.

"The effort here is made by planners to do their very best to avoid urban areas during the rush hour so that they're not caught in the traffic," he said.

Berdais said he can confirm the vehicles — which are all American — are travelling through the region but for privacy reasons is not able to give a specific route.

This won't be the only time residents may see a convoy of military vehicles travelling through northeastern Ontario.

Berdais said in June, equipment will be transported from Wainright, Alberta to Valcartier, Quebec as part of Exercise Maple Resolve.


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