Canada Post strike may change the way you shop and what businesses you support

Canada Post's ongoing labour dispute is causing many delays, leaving customers searching for alternatives.

Canada Post's strike may lead to more people supporting local businesses, says Sudbury Chamber of Commerce

Canada Post says in a statement on Monday that the rotating strikes have created 'massive backlogs' of letters and parcels, days before more parcels from Black Friday and Cyber Monday online sales. It says it used to call upon 'extra resources' to allow it to deliver large volumes of mail at peak times, but says those resources are 'constrained' because of the labour disruptions. CUPW members are no longer working overtime or weekends and temporary workers are discouraged from putting in extra hours, it says. (Darryl Dyck/Canadian Press)

Ongoing labour issues with Canada Post and its workers are affecting local businesses, but it's not entirely a bad thing, says Sudbury's Chamber of Commerce.

Some local businesses can benefit from the Canada Post strike, according to Chamber President and CEO Debbi Nicholson.

Nicholson says the strike may encourage more people to get away from online retailers and support more local businesses in the area.

"Certainly, local business has the upper hand right now. If people would typically do a lot of online shopping and they are concerned about getting their gifts or purchases in time for the holidays," says Nicholson.

"What better way to make sure that's not an issue for you than go to a local merchant and buy your products locally."

Nicholson says small businesses are usually more likely to be affected by strikes like this because of their reliance on mail correspondence.

"They certainly rely on mail service to get their invoices out to their customers, to receive payments from their customers," says Nicholson. " Larger businesses may have in their capacity to afford courier service more so than a small business would."

Changing the way you shop

Canada Post's strike has also affected people's perception of Canada Post and who they choose to deliver their products this holiday season.

Devin Arthur of Sudbury says he purchased two packages for his kids in mid October with an expected delivery date of November 2nd.

His choice of delivery: Purl-post, a hybrid of Purolator and Canada Post.

"I thought because they were shipped in that way, I wouldn't have an issue but, for the past about six days, those packages have been delayed due to the labour disruption."

A man wearing winter clothing standing in front of a Tesla fast charging system.
Devin Arthur says he purchased packages for his kids which have been delayed for over 18 days. (Erik White/CBC )

He says since his package has been delayed for so long, he's now taken it upon himself to change the way he shops and who he chooses to deliver his products.

"Whenever I further ordered things, after my last experience, I always make sure to not order Canada Post because I don't know if it will get here in time."