Cambrian College introducing new cybersecurity program in early 2022

An 8-month Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate Program will launch in January at Cambrian College in Greater Sudbury 

School aims to outfit students with skills needed to combat cyber crime

Cambrian College in Sudbury, Ont., has started a cybersecurity program to help combat a rise in tech crime. (Olivia Stefanovich/CBC)

An 8-month Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate Program will launch in January at Cambrian College in Greater Sudbury 

Jill Ferguson, chair of the college's School of Information Technology, says that an increasing number of cybersecurity attacks makes these skills more valuable than ever. 

"The cybersecurity program is going to allow students who have graduated from a diploma…or bachelor's program to come into Cambrian and really upscale," Ferguson said. 

Entry to the program is based on students having an IT background. They will learn how to protect computers and networks from unauthorized users or software.

"It's a really comprehensive program, it's going to be very hands-on and we're really excited to launch it," Ferguson said. 

Graduates of the program will have the skills to identify security breaches and learn how to best mitigate cyber attacks, such as identity theft.

This program will also prepare students to work as a part of an IT support or security team. 

Program launching as cyberattacks on the rise

According to Ferguson, cybersecurity professionals are not only needed in large corporations, but in homes and businesses, as well.

"We all have to be on the alert, especially now that we are pretty much connected to our computers because we are working from home during the pandemic." 

Ferguson said that cybersecurity attacks can affect anyone. This is contrary to the common misconception that victims are not as technologically-savvy.  

For example, attempts to gain access to personal information can be disguised as e-mails from institutions like your bank.

"Cyberattacks are happening all over the place especially since we are a technologically-impacted society,"  Ferguson said.

The School of Information Technology at Cambrian College is preparing to launch a cybersecurity education program in January. It will teach students how to protect computers, applications, and networks from unauthorized or malicious users or software. The school’s chair, Jill Ferguson, explains. 4:37


Andrea Bennett is a CBC intern and student at Ryerson University.


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