Emergency landing on golf course in Blind River

A golf club in Blind River got a surprise visitor when a small, single propeller plane had to make an emergency landing on the golf course.

The pilot was experiencing engine troubles over the golf course

People at a golf club in Blind River were surprised to see a small plane make an emergency landing. (Submitted by Liam Hamlin)
Some tense moments on a Blind River golf course yesterday. A plane unexpectedly landed on the first hole. We check in with the general manager about what happened. 5:52

A golf club in Blind River got a surprise visitor when a small, single propeller plane had to make an emergency landing on the golf course.

Liam Hamlin, the general manager at Huron Pines Golf and Country Club says he got a call from air traffic control, telling him to prepare the golf course for a possible emergency landing just before noon on Thursday.

"I see a plane coming down directly toward the clubhouse, well I heard it as well, it was pretty loud and landed about 300 yards from the first tee, flying straight toward the clubhouse," said Hamlin.

"He flew over some people about 30 seconds before he landed and they were pretty shaken up."

He says the landing was smooth and no one was hurt, the pilot landed right beside the first hole, where no one was playing at the time. 

"We had about 10 people that drove their carts right up, back to the first hole to see if everyone was okay, luckily everyone was," Hamlin said.

A plane had to make an emergency landing on a golf course in Blind River. (Submitted by Liam Hamlin)

The pilot is a doctor from the Yukon, who was making his way home from southern Ontario when he had engine troubles, says Hamlin. Some local residents even came to help the pilot fix his small plane. 

"He's a very nice man, it's been a really educational experience and we're lucky everyone is safe and sound," he said.

And since the plane landed, people are coming to see it and play a round of golf.

"The golf course has been awesome, I think if anything it's brought a lot of people that wouldn't have been golfing out to golf, we've been quite busy the last 24 hours and everyone comes in with a smile on their face wondering who's the guy who drove to the first tee," he said.

When his plane is fixed, the pilot will be taking off from the first hole. Hamlin says the plane should be ready to take off again sometime Friday.

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