Bed bugs a cottage problem, too

Bed bugs aren't just found in hotels and motels. They're also at summer camps and cottages.

Resort and cottage owners are well aware that bed bugs can become a problem

Bed bugs are a problem resort owners are well aware of. (Orkin)

Bed bugs can be the bane of hotel and motel guests across the country.

But summer camps and cottages aren't immune either. The pesky insects are finding their way to rental cottages.

David Saunders runs a pest control business in Ottawa. He started getting calls last year about bed bugs in rental cottages.

"The next family came in, woke up the next day, the kids had all these bites all over their body and it turned out to be bed bugs from the last people that stayed there," Saunders said.

Saunders said he got approximately 20 calls last year about bed bugs.

The bugs are a problem resort owners are well aware of, as well.

Brenda Barefoot promises that the only thing biting at her camp is the fish.

She runs a resort on the French River just south of Sudbury.

Barefoot said bed bugs are rare in Northern Ontario because of cold winters.

But they are something owners are aware of.

"Well we're always in the preventive mode; always inspecting for it," she said. "We do rotating mattresses, inspecting the seams of them all the time. There's just routine watching for any signs of anything."

Saunders said bed bugs can't be killed using store bought pesticides.

He said it can take up to three weeks to treat a bed bug infestation.