Sudbury black bear family of four has dinner in one tree

People in Sudbury, Ont. are accustomed to seeing black bears wander around their city. But here's something you won't see every day.

Mama and three large cubs caught chowing down on crab apples in residential neighbourhood

Party of four? Sudbury, Ont. resident Megan Sigurdson captured the video while driving through her neighbourhood. (Provided)

People in Sudbury, Ont., are accustomed to seeing black bears wander throughout their city.

But here's something you won't see every day— even in northern Ontario.

Megan Sigurdson was driving through her neighbourhood recently when she captured this video of four black bears in a crab apple tree.

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In the video you can hear one of the bears growl as Sigurdson plays Beyonc‎é through her car speakers.

Bears are a common sight in her neighbourhood, but Sigurdson said she's never seen anything like this.

"I was wondering how they were all supported on the tree without breaking it," she told CBC News.

"They were on really small branches. I don't understand how it worked," she said.

"It was like a circus."

Sigurdson told CBC News the bears spent about 20 minutes in the tree before calmly climbing down and wandering off. (Provided)


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