No changes to Sudbury's backyard fire bylaw

Sudbury's fire chief has recommended to keep the city's open air burning bylaw as it is.

Council previously scrapped a proposed $50 permit for campfires

The rules governing backyard fires in Sudbury will remain unchanged this summer.

Sudbury's fire chief has recommended to keep the city's open air burning bylaw as it is.

Trevor Bain told city council on Tuesday that he believes enforcing current fines will suffice in addressing campfire complaints.

"I'm confident that over the rest of the year that the fire service should be able to, if need, address complaints," Bain said.

The current bylaw outlines the size and location of backyard fires.

City council was considering a $50 permit for lighting outdoor fires, but it backtracked on the idea in a previous meeting due to public outcry

The money from the proposed permit was supposed to go towards recovering the cost when fire services responds to irresponsible backyard fires.

"Is it just a case of us not applying the fines that were in the existing bylaw?" councillor Mike Jakubo asked.

Fire chief 'confident' compliance will be achieved with current fines

Sudbury Fire Chief Trevor Bain says people will be fined for misusing campfires. (Erik White/CBC)

Bain admitted there was a practice in the past of telling people to put their fires out instead of enforcing fines.  

But that is changing.

"I think we need to just simply address the individuals," Bain said.

"The repetitive persons who are causing these things from happening. As a result, we'd achieve compliance through fines and I'm confident we can do that."

Bain said fire services will continue to monitor the need for a bylaw change.


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