Pinpointing the geographic centre of Ontario

Two adventurers, including Bill Steer with the Canadian Ecology Centre in Mattawa, say centre of longitude and latitude of Ontario is near Hornepayne.

Using latitude and longitude, geographic centre calculated north-northwest of Hornepayne

'Backroads' Bill Steer at the geographic centre of Ontario, near Hornepayne, on Dec. 20/18 (Supplied/Bill Steer)

When you measure the exact middle of the longitude and latitude in Ontario, using the extremities, it takes you to the centre of the province.

That spot is north-northwest of Hornepayne, Ont.

Two northern Ontario adventurers visited that spot on Dec. 20.

'Backroads' Bill Steer, with the Canadian Ecology Centre in Mattawa, told CBC's Morning North that his fellow adventurer, Brian Emblin of Timmins, did all the calculations of the location using Ontario's geographic extremities. He added that the site was verified through Google and

"Going to the geographic centre of Ontario, that's like climbing a mountain," Steer said.

Steer says he and Emblin travelled six kilometres off a logging road near Hornepayne, then snowshoed 2.5 kilometres off that trail to what he calls a "beautiful" black spruce bog.

This is the geographic centre on Ontario.

"It was perfect. It was open, and the GPS units were working well."

The plaque that was left at the geographic centre of Ontario. (Supplied/Bill Steer)

"We put the Canadian flag, the Ontario flag and this recognition of being the geographic centre," Steer said.

He suggested the local municipalities lay claim to the bragging rights for the location, as a tourism draw for the area.

Steer added that Emblin made up T-shirts, and they plan to send them to the municipalities.


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