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Conservation group moves forward with Heaven's Gate purchase

An Ontario conservation group is one step closer to acquiring about 809 hectares of land in the northeast. 

A new interactive report wants you to look at mental health and the justice system differently

A new interactive report on mental health and its connection to the criminal justice system wants you to think of the issue as a shared societal problem.

How lived experience could help us better understand mental health challenges facing older adults

How can lived experience help us learn more about older adults dealing with mental health challenges? The Northern Initiative for Social Action (NISA) is hoping to find out in a new research project.

Northern Ontario pet groomer thinks her services should be considered essential

Many of us are waiting patiently for their next haircut until Ontario's stay-at-home order is lifted, but some of Ontario's pet groomers say their furry clients shouldn't have to wait. 

Arts workers in northeastern Ontario remain major casualties of COVID-19's economic blows

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new meaning to the term starving artist. 

Advocates call for government oversight as COVID-19 crisis unfolds at Amberwood Suites in Sudbury

Paramedic vehicles are parked outside the Amberwood Suites retirement home in Sudbury, as a crisis inside unfolds.

Sudbury bylaw officers balance between education and enforcement with Ontario stay-at-home order

Confusion persists over Ontario's COVID-19 stay-at-home order in northern Ontario, after a state of emergency was declared last Wednesday, the second since the pandemic first took hold last March.

How a cancer diagnosis led a Sudbury woman to write a children's book on coping with serious illness

A woman from Sudbury is hoping to bring comfort to children battling serious illnesses — like cancer. 

Indigenous youth are learning to become water treatment operators in northern Ontario

A Canadian Non Governmental Organization (NGO) has teamed up with a council of six First Nations in northeastern Ontario with the aim of training young Indigenous people to become water treatment plant operators.

Local poetry anthology takes aim at toxic masculinity while helping raise money for women escaping violence

A new poetry anthology is exploring what it means to be femme or exude feminine qualities in a world charged with toxic masculinity.