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Jonathan Pinto is the host of Up North, CBC Radio One's regional afternoon show for Northern Ontario and is based in Sudbury. He was formerly a reporter/editor and an associate producer at CBC Windsor. Email

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Northern Nosh

Meet the family behind Thunder Bay's Dawson General Store

Would you like a side of wilderness with your burger? For this week's edition of Northern Nosh, Up North host Jonathan Pinto took us to the outskirts of Thunder Bay to learn more about the Dawson General Store.
Northern Nosh

Check out this off-grid coffee roaster floating on Lake of the Woods

Nautical Coffee is coffee roaster based in a houseboat on Lake of the Woods near Kenora, Ont. Up North host Jonathan Pinto spoke with owner Jeremy Brown for this week's edition of Northern Nosh.
Northern Nosh

From Brazil via Sturgeon Falls: Meet the couple introducing brigadeiros to the north

It's a must have at any Brazilian party — and now, you can find them here in northern Ontario. For this week's Northern Nosh we'll meet a couple from Sturgeon Falls producing a sweet called "brigadeiros."
Northern Nosh

This Sudbury, Ont. woman is making it easier to find Asian ingredients in town

For years, Ciarah Alia Pasamonte travelled between Sudbury and Toronto to buy Asian ingredients. But when the pandemic made travel harder, she decided to take things into her own hands and open My Asian Market on Westmount Avenue.
Northern Nosh

Sip northwestern Ontario history at the Silver Islet General Store's tea room

For this week's Northern Nosh, Up North host Jonathan Pinto sat down with Sandy and Jeff Korkola, owners of the Silver Islet General Store. They talked about the history of the iconic building, why they took it over — and what it is like running the popular tea room.
In Depth

What's gained and lost in private-public partnerships between Ontario colleges

Agreements between Ontario colleges are buoying the books of institutions in the north. These partnerships allow northern schools to set up satellite campuses in the south and make millions of dollars, but also present opportunity costs for students, notably international students, and communities.
In Depth

Northern Ontario colleges rely on students from India to survive. What if that revenue strategy fails?

Colleges in northeastern Ontario rely more heavily than other schools on international revenue, notably from students from India. Developments including India suspending visa services in Canada amid allegations the country was involved in the killing of a Canadian Sikh leader show how policies and geopolitical landscapes can change at any time.
Northern Nosh

Feast on elk meatballs and salmon sweet potato casserole from this restaurant on Lake Wanapitei

Chef Hiawatha Osawamick and her mother Ann Marie Recollet are injecting new life into the former Rocky's building in Wahnapitae First Nation. Up North host Jonathan Pinto spoke to Osawamick about the vision behind Hiawatha's Restaurant and Marina.
Northern Nosh

Meet the man generating a lot of buzz in Whitefish

Farmers across Northern Ontario are in the midst of the harvest — including beekeepers. Up North host Jonathan Pinto spoke with Doug Tompsett of Douglas Apiaries in the Whitefish community of Greater Sudbury for this week's edition of Northern Nosh.
Northern Nosh

Meet the man bringing hoagies — and shawarma! — to Wawa

A tale of two Wawas. For this week's Northern Nosh, Up North host Jonathan Pinto brings us the story of Philly Wawa Hoagie, a restaurant in Wawa, Ont., whose offerings are inspired by a popular sandwich shop based in Wawa, Pa.