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Jan Lakes is a producer at CBC Sudbury. You can reach her at jan.lakes@cbc.ca or find her on Twitter @lakesCBC.

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Fredericton ultra-long distance runner completes two giant races, two weeks apart

Drew Wallace ran 100 miles, 160 kilometeres, in the Quebec Mega Trail race just over a week ago in 33 hours, 3 minutes and 21 seconds.

Giant interactive, community mural in Sudbury bringing children and families together

A not for profit art group in Sudbury have created a giant mural on the ground of a courtyard. They used the vision of the residents of the housing complex to come up with something the children could play on.

David Bowie painting found in dump near North Bay, Ont., expected to fetch up to $12K

A painting by British musician David Bowie that was discovered in a northern Ontario landfill is expected to sell at auction for up to $12,000, and maybe much more.

How the shocking discovery of a Sudbury woman's birth mom is changing lives

After learning she was adopted as a child in Sudbury, Ont., Lise Laforge spent years looking for her birth mother — only to deal with a long struggle to accept the shocking truth. Now 48 and living in Toronto, she's an advocate for people experiencing homelessness, something that's changed her life.

Advocates for the homeless tell Sudbury City Council the need is urgent

Sudbury City Council held a special meeting Wednesday evening to discuss the homelessness crisis in the city. Dozens of service providers had an opportunity to share their concerns and possible solutions at the virtual meeting

Sudbury mom of special needs son says self-isolation during COVID-19 is a struggle

Some parents who have children with special needs are struggling. Self-isolation means that there is no longer a routine, therapy or a break from being together twenty four hours a day.

Now is not the time to start homeschooling, says Sudbury couple

A Sudbury couple that homeschools their little girls say those considering homeschooling right now, shouldn’t.

Lodge owner near Foleyet says new moose tag allocation hurting business

A hunting and fishing lodge owner in Foleyet says he had to shut down his business for the moose hunting season this year due to changes in the tag allocation.

Sudbury Fire Services says there are carbon monoxide dangers in the home you need to be aware of

Sudbury Fire Services braces for an increase in gas leak calls as people start up their furnaces and gas fireplaces to keep warm.

You can get your meds and shop for locally grown food at a new pharmacy in Sudbury

These two women have decades of pharmaceutical experience under their belts. But they also know a lot about how food can heal you. That is why they've opened up a full service pharmacy that also includes locally grown food and a teaching kitchen.