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Communities in northeast re-establish larger Canada Day events

Plans are underway in various communities to hold larger Canada Day events on Friday.

Sudbury City Council takes major steps towards $98.5M Junction East Cultural Centre

The Junction East Cultural project is going ahead in Greater Sudbury. On Tuesday night, city council passed several resolutions approving conceptual designs and financial and operating plans.

Sudbury's business incubator opening its doors for startup companies

Greater Sudbury's new business incubator is set to officially open Tuesday morning. The 5,000 square foot space is located in the TD Bank building on Elm Street. It's meant to provide mentorship and growth for new startup companies.

Sudbury city hall's courtyard left in disarray, repairs and cleanup underway

The courtyard at Sudbury city hall is getting some attention after falling into disrepair during the pandemic.

Decision to allow Laurentian to sell gallery's art collection draws disappointment from community

Many within the Sudbury arts community are disappointed Laurentian University will be allowed to sell the collection at the Art Gallery of Sudbury.

Sudbury bars 'prioritizing a safe environment' after spiked drink incident

Several bars in Sudbury are taking precautions after a woman had her drink spiked earlier this month at the Boulevard Nightclub. The owner says they'll be adding cameras inside the bar, and they've ordered special lids to cover drinks. Staff will also be trained to watch for suspicious behaviour.

Sudbury 'takes road safety seriously'; City hosting national conference for road safety experts

Advocates for road safety are in Sudbury this week to discuss important changes communities are making to their infrastructure. The three-day Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals Conference started Sunday. Issues to be discussed include speed management, rural road safety and ways to reduce fatalities.

Meet the newest, and youngest, commercial pilot at True North Airways in Ontario

Isabel Fredette was 14 when she decided she wanted to become a pilot, inspired by her dad's air adventures. Four years later, she's passed what's needed to be a commercial pilot and is working with a private chartered airline in Greater Sudbury, Ont.

Patios in downtown Sudbury scrutinized by accessibility panel 'for areas of improvement'

It's patio season. Establishments in downtown Sudbury have created space for patrons on nearby streets and sidewalks, but there's concern they're not all meeting accessibility standards.

International students at 2nd Sudbury home of landlord in bed bug flap face 'deplorable' conditions

Less than three weeks after international students complained of bugs and rats at a rental in Sudbury, Ont., the same landlord is being criticized for providing another group of students with "deplorable" and "unsafe" living conditions at a second property.