Sudbury woman found guilty of 4 counts of animal cruelty

A 61-year-old Sudbury woman has been found guilty of four counts of animal cruelty, the Ontario SPCA said in a release Wednesday.

Over 20 dogs found limping, suffering fresh fight wounds, and living on feces-strewn property, SPCA says

20 Border Collie and Border Collie-type dogs, like the one pictured here, were taken by the SPCA from a rural Sudbury property in 2014 after living in 'deplorable' conditions. (Josh Lynn/CBC)

Connie Metayer, a 61-year-old Sudbury woman, has been found guilty of four counts of animal cruelty according to the Ontario SPCA.

In a release Wednesday, the SPCA said it executed a search warrant at a rural property on May 14, 2014 where it found 20 Border Collies and Border Collie-type dogs, along with six puppies, living in "deplorable" conditions.

SPCA inspector Bonnie Bishop says they have dealt with Metayer in the past, and have previously issued her orders with regard to animal care.

"We have a long history with this individual. Actually, we've attended her property in the past to address concerns for her animals' wellbeing," Bishop told CBC News.

"Unfortunately, despite repeated attempts to educate Ms. Metayer, and to assist her in ensuring that she understands what the proper standards of care for her animals [are], she continued to fail in ensuring that her animals were not suffering and in distress."

'Decaying' scraps of meat

During their investigation, SPCA officers found garbage and debris strewn about the property, and feces could be seen throughout the dwelling.

They say they witnessed dogs repeatedly, and without any apparent provocation, engage in fights amongst themselves.

Several dogs were also found with fresh and old fight wounds, matted fur, and were severely unkempt. Others were limping.

Officers noted the animals did not have access to clean water and the only source of food seen on the property were decaying scraps of meat.

Shelter consisted of two temporary "car port" type structures and access underneath the dwelling on the property.

At the recommendation of the on-site veterinarian, the dogs were removed from the property. All 26 have since been adopted.

Metayer was sentenced in a Sudbury court last week. She has received a lifetime ban on owning more than one dog at any one time.

Any dog in her care must also be taken to a veterinarian annually.


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