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Sudbury revitalized playgrounds to be more inclusive

The playground on Louis and St. Joseph Street has been renewed and improved with updated playground equipment, and more play opportunities for children of all ages. It was one of 58 identified by the City of Greater Sudbury to be revitalized by 2021.

Pilot project to study control method for Eurasian Milfoil on four Sudbury lakes

Four lakes in Greater Sudbury — Ramsey, Richard, St Charles and Long Lakes — will be part of a pilot project this summer focusing on control methods for the invasive aquatic plant, Eurasian Water Milfoil.

Thessalon woman victim of online buy-and-sell scam

A Thessalon woman, who fell victim to an online buy-and-sell scam, is warning others to not make the same mistake. Maureen McLean lost $1,500 when she thought she was hiring someone to do repair work at her camp south of Sudbury.

Ministry of Education set to release Indigenous curriculum soon; partners' input to be added later

The province is preparing to release its revised Indigenous curriculum for Ontario high school classrooms, but the Conservative government won’t be collaborating with its Indigenous partners until after the plan is released.

No extra funding for demand at women's shelter, YWCA says

A recent national report from Women's Shelters Canada reflects the same concerns YWCA Sudbury is seeing locally. It showed that women's shelters are seeing more women through their doors, but no increase in funding to help deal with the demand.

50 years of judging projects at Sudbury science fair

About 90 elementary and high school students will present their research projects Saturday Apr. 6 during the Sudbury Regional Science Fair. The event is marking its 50th anniversary.

Sudbury police host education conference for front line sexual assault workers

Jacqueline Villeneuve of Sudbury says she remained silent after suffering sexual violence in her early 20s.

Warm temperatures and rain to cause ponding, not flooding, says conservation authority

Several of the conservation authorities in northeastern Ontario have issued water safety statements for their respective watersheds. That's because rain and warmer temperatures over the next day will create ponding, not flooding.

Sex assault centres left to 'stretch dollars' after Ford government decides to maintain funding

Many organizations that provide victim services and sexual assault counselling are looking for ways to stretch their dollars. The provincial government recently decided to maintain the same level of funding to these agencies, even though there's greater demand for the services.

Spike in insurance claims from ice damming, snow load on northern homes

The harsh winter weather is taking its toll on homes across northern Ontario, and that's leading to an increase in insurance claims. The two biggest problems this winter is snow load and ice build-up or ice damming.

United We Roll Convoy stops to deliver message in Sudbury on route to Ottawa

A convoy of roughly 80 to 90 trucks and other vehicles pulled into Sudbury for a brief stop Monday afternoon. The United We Roll campaign is traveling east on the Trans Canada Highway, on its way to a large rally on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Tuesday.

Groups seeking answers about student fees at post-secondary schools

Many student groups are concerned about recent provincial changes to post-secondary affordability, including what it will mean to have students opt-out of student fees.

Efforts underway by Sudbury university to keep Ojibwe language going

There are some Indigenous dialects that are in danger of disappearing. That's why the United Nations wants to raise awareness of language preservation, naming 2019 the year of Indigenous Languages.

Autopsies could uncover health issues in miners exposed to McIntyre Powder

Janice Martell of Sudbury hasn't given up on the group of men she calls her miners. She continues to collect research to prove McIntyre Powder was toxic to those who were exposed to the aluminum dust when they would begin each shift underground. They were told it would protect them.

Sudbury police, fire, EMS committed to making sure 'recommendations come to life'

The city of Greater Sudbury had already been taking steps to improve its emergency services, even before the recommendations came from an inquest jury. The coroner's inquest heard about problems with Ontario’s 911 system in two specific tragedies, including one in Sudbury.