Angel and demon appear in photograph

Marc Laplante of Sudbury says his life changed ever since he took a picture of a shoreline on LaCloche Lake in northern Ontario in September 2014. He says the unexpected images of an angel and demon in the photograph have awakened a spiritual presence in his life.
Marc Laplante holding a photo of a still captured with his GoPro camera while he was taking a photograph on Lacloche Lake in northern Ontario. (Markus Schwabe/CBC)
This story is about a photograph... A picture taken by a Sudbury man, Marc Laplante, who was out on a canoe trip with his wife Irene last September. They wanted some nice shots of the fall colours but they ended up with a lot more than they expected...
Sudbury's Marc Laplante never expected a simple photograph he took on a canoe trip with his wife in northern Ontario would have such a profound impact on his life. 

The photograph was taken September 27, 2014 on LaCloche Lake southwest of Sudbury. 

It features three white boulders, reflected perfectly in the calm waters of the lake.

"I had a little tingle," Laplante said after he downloaded the photo onto his computer. "There it was. It was an angel."
Three rocks reflecting in LaCloche Lake show the image of an angel when the photograph is turned on its side. (Marc Laplante/supplied)

The reflection of the white rock formed the image of angel.

Laplante's wife, Irene was said the angel is "perfect."

"She's got a star on her head. Her face is there. You see the eyes, you see the nose, you see the mouth, the wings," she said.

Even more surprising was the image that appeared when Marc Laplante accidentally flipped the photograph upside down.

"That's when my life really changed," Laplante said. "That's when the entity popped right out. I did more than tingle. I just shivered."

Laplante said the entity appears as a demon or devil's face.
The face of a demon appears when this photo of rocks and bushes reflecting in LaCloche Lake is turned on its side. (Marc Laplante/supplied)

"It just freaked me right out," said Irene Laplante. "I can't believe this is all in one shot. How did that happen?"

The photograph has been shared hundreds of times, and wound up in the hands of Karen Osborne, a crystal shamanic practitioner who lives near Ottawa, Ont.

Osborne found the image remarkable, but not surprising because she said she works with entities in her healing practice every day.

"There are demons and angels and some have just lost their way. We live in a world of polarity. So we have darkness and light," said Osborne. "When they lose their way they can cause some harm."

Osborne believes the angel in the photograph "positioned itself solidly on top of this being, to keep it bound where it is so it can't do harm."

She decided she would "cleanse" the dark spirit in the photograph, "so I went in and connected with it, standing in light and I spoke with it and...after a while it understood and it released whatever attachment it had with that place."

I just shivered.- Marc Leplante

Marc Laplante says the photograph has made him look at life differently. "Maybe there's more to life, more than what we says there must be," he said. "I honestly believe that there is a great power, and it's there. It's here."

The Laplantes have found more images in the reflections of other photos they took that day including a Tibetan Buddha, a skeleton and a totem pole. 

"There's something about that lake," said Irene Laplante who added, "the universe is so big, there's a lot we don't know. I think it just confirms a lot for me."