All parties at Sudbury inquest pleased with recommendations

Everyone with a stake in a coroner’s inquest in Sudbury say they’re pleased with the jury’s recommendations.

Everyone with a stake in a coroner's inquest in Sudbury say they're pleased with the jury's recommendations.

There are 24 recommendations, and they range from better water management to more Ministry of Labour inspections, to improving hazard reporting. They also encouraged the implementation of the results of the recent provincial mining safety review.

The jury ruled Jordan Fram, 26, and Jason Chenier, 35, died underground at Vale's Stobie Mine in a sudden run of muck in June 2011.

The presiding coroner, Dr. David Eden, closed the inquest on Thursday with the remarks that it is clear that both men were, and are, loved very much.

Afterwards, on the courthouse steps, it was apparent as Jordan's sister Brianna remembered him.

"He was a boisterous man," she said.

"He had a great smile. He had a great laugh."

Fram said the family is pleased with the recommendations and hopes they're implemented.

United Steelworkers health and safety representative Mike Bond said the company and the labour ministry may have to invest money to make things happen.

"When an accident happens, we put lots of money into fixing things after," he said.

"We'll just turn around and fix things first."

Vale spokesperson Angie Robson said the company has no problem investing in safety.

"We've already implemented our own 42 recommendations as you know, the company and union recommendations, so there's a lot of work that's been done," she said.

Recommendations from a coroner's jury are not binding.


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