3D mapping developed by Clickmox in Sudbury

A Sudbury-based company is working to develop and move forward products that focus on 3D mapping.
Syed Naeem Ahmed is the president of Clickmox. (Roger Corriveau/CBC)

A Sudbury-based company is working to develop and move forward products that focus on 3D mapping.

President of Clickmox, Syed Naeem Ahmed recently pitched the company's latest business idea at Norcat's Innovation Mill Pitch 2015.

The company provides consulting and product developments to the mining sector.

"Right now, we are focusing on 3D mapping."

He said right now, the company has three products .

Ahmed pitched a product that is a 3D mapping system.

"What it basically does is it creates a map in three dimensions," he said.

The system can be used with a software development kit which can be used to develop a collision awareness system for drones, he said.

Eventually, drones will be used to deliver products people order, and the technology would prevent collisions with stable objects such as buildings or trees, Ahmed said.

"It will make the drone self-aware of the environment," he said.

The company has other products, including a 3D laser scanner.

"You can take it underground … in a mine, and it will scan the area and create a map of the area, " he said.

The product can be held by a person or installed on a vehicle.

Another product is a laser based positioning system, a piece of software that can be used to provide location GPS of a vehicle underground.


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