Stowaways reach Halifax in ship containers

At least six stowaways have entered Canada this week at Halifax Harbour, travelling across the ocean in containers on cargo ships

Despite a heightened state of alert at Canada's borders, stowaways are still managing to beat security at the Port of Halifax.

Four eastern European men arrived on two ocean-going cargo ships last weekend.

The latest stowaways all arrived safely, and were able to leave the containers.

Two Albanians gave themselves up to the ship's crew. Two Romanians walked away from the port, but later turned themselves in to police.

Immigration and local police have not released many details of the new arrivals or how they got to Halifax.

It's believed at least two other stowaways, still at large, arrived in Halifax last week.

That's when a crane operator at the port noticed a shipping container with a hole cut out. Inside, immigration officers found water bottles, clothing, and two knapsacks.

The ship had arrived directly from Livorno, Italy.

Police and immigration authorities do not believe the recent stowaways are linked in any way to terrorist activities. About 30 people a year manage to reach Halifax in containers on cargo ships.