St. John's buries 119-year snowfall record

After a tough winter, most Newfoundlanders weren't banking on more snow this month. But it just kept falling Saturday, melting a record set 119 years ago.

People in St. John's will be able to look back on a season that brought more snow than the winter of 1881-82.

The old record of 598.2 centimetres fell early Saturday morning when weather officials announced a snowfall of 599.8 centimetres.

But even after that, another 10 centimetres of snow was forecast for St. John's and the Avalon Peninsula.

Since October, Newfoundland has been hit with enough snow to reach the top of a two-storey building.

St. John's has spent $10 million on snow-clearing for the season, going $2 million over budget and still, there are huge piles of snow everywhere.

Mayor Andy Wells has heard all about how hard it's been for residents to cope.

"In the months of December and January, last year and early this year, I think I took more abuse in those two months from irate residents than I took probably in the last 20 years in municipal politics," he says.

Environment Canada Weather Radar

Weather officials say Newfoundlanders can expect to see wintry conditions for at least two more weeks.