Shrubsall partied after killing his mother

Neighbours of William Chandler Shrubsall remember him holding a party at his home after killing his mother there in 1998.

Shrubsall is an American fugitive who has been found guilty of several violent crimes against women in Nova Scotia. Crown prosecutors now want him declared a dangerous offender.

A Halifax police officer testified at the hearing Friday.

A year ago, Constable Tom Martin travelled to Niagara Falls, New York to gather evidence for the application to have Shrubsall declared a dangerous offender.

Two of Shrubsall's neighbours say they remember him having friends over to his home shortly after he beat his mother to death with a baseball bat.

One neighbour said it was before a relative came over to clean up the carpets.

Shrubsall's next-door neighbour recalled him placing stickers in his mother's car after her death.

She says they read "The Legend Lives," and "Legend on Board."

Another neighbour remembered Shrubsall as a spoiled child with a pushy, overbearing mother.

She said he was a know-it-all with a nasty mouth, and had difficulty making friends.

The court also heard an interview with Shrubsall's former boss.

The woman said he worked for her part time at a retail outlet in 1995. She said she didn't know about his record when he was hired.

She said she became frightened when he started riding his bike past her home after work.

She says he was fired because he lied about his criminal past on his job application.

Shrubsall's dangerous offender hearing could last until mid-May.

He's already been convicted of 3 violent attacks against women in Nova Scotia.