Sheena Walker maintains her Dad asked her to lie

In her second day of testimony Sheena Walker has once again told an English jury that her father asked her to change her story and lie.

For about one hour this morning she faced questions from lawyers representing her father, Albert Walker. She stood by her story that her father called her and asked her to alter her testimony.

Albert Walker is accused of killing a man whose identity he's alleged to have assumed.

Yesterday was the first time Sheena Walker had come face-to-face with her father since she returned to Canada in late 1996.

Before all of this began, Walker was a pillar of the community in Paris, Ont. He had a family, taught Sunday school, and worked as a financial advisor.

In December 1990, he took off for Europe, supposedly for a two-week holiday. He was accompanied by his daughter Sheena, then 15. He is thought to have taken more than $3 million pilfered from his clients accounts. They vanished without a trace, and Walker became Canada's most wanted fugitive.

Police learned of his whereabouts six years later, when a body washed up off the coast of Devon.

At first British police thought the man had drowned accidentally. Identification from a Rolex watch on the corpse revealed it belonged to Ronald Platt, a 51-year-old failed British businessman.

This led police to the sleepy village of Woodham Walter, 80 kilometers northeast of London. They found Albert Walker living under the name of Ronald Platt. His daughter, now 21, was posing as his wife. She had two small daughters.

The evidence is largely circumstantial. The prosecution will try to prove that Walker paid Platt so he could assume his identity. When Platt threatened to expose Walker, he killed him.

The trial at Exeter Crown Court in Devon is expected to last about a month.