Shannon Murrin writes memoirs of child murder trial

Shannon Murrin, found not guilty of murdering Mindy Tran, writes a book 'to set record straight'.

Shannon Murrin says he wants to confront his accusers, and he's written a book to tell his version of the trial for the murder of Mindy Tran.

Murrin was acquitted in January 2000 of killing the eight-year-old girl in Kelowna, B.C.

Since then, he has been in his native Newfoundland, writing his autobiography. A Newfoundland publisher has agreed to print his 1,100-page manuscript.

Murrin says the book reveals shocking new details about the investigation into the 1994 murder. The information comes from documents he says he obtained through access to information requests.

"Oh yeah. I went crazy and I got everything that I want," he said.

Publisher Winston Ruby says he only agreed to print the book because Murrin can prove the allegations he makes.

"They have 6,000 pages of documents," he said. "I specifically told Shannon not to say anything in the book that he couldn't back up."

Murrin says he isn't worried about possible lawsuits brought on by the contents of his book.

"Sue me. It will be like me getting a public inquiry and going to court that's what I'd like to do, see?" he said. "There'll probably be a lot of people going to be suing me after my book comes out, and I couldn't care less."

Murrin says he isn't trying to make money from his book, and he wants a public inquiry into how he was treated.

An internal RCMP report released a year ago said police made mistakes in the case, but concluded that those mistakes hurt the prosecution's case rather than leading to a false accusation.

Murrin says police officers, lawyers and even the judge who heard his case won't like the things he has written. He plans to meet with each one of them face to face when he returns to B.C. on a book signing tour next spring.