Schmeiser vows to fight on against Monsanto

Percy Schmeiser says his fight with the bio-tech company, Monsanto is far from over.

The Bruno-area farmer says he will appeal a judgement of the Federal court of Canada.

The court ruled that Schmeiser violated Monsanto's patent by growing it's genetically modified canola without a licence in 1998.

Wednesday, a judge ordered Schmeiser to pay Monsanto close to 20-thousand dollars in damages. That amount is based on the profits he made from his 1998 canola crop.

Schmeiser says that decision is unfair. "What I'm saying is if you have one or two per cent GMO (Genetically Modified Oranisms) in your field under this ruling, Monsanto could get all the profits of all your crops and that has startled farmers and people around the world."

Monsanto has also been awarded legal costs. The company estimates that could be about 200-thousand dollars.