Recent B.C. storms causing holiday flower shortages in Saskatchewan

The recent storms in British Columbia are having economic repercussions in Saskatchewan.

Most Christmas greenery like wreaths and plants are shipped to Sask. from the West Coast

Holiday plants like poinsettias usually come to Saskatchewan from the West Coast. (Roger Dubois/CBC)

The recent storms in British Columbia are having economic repercussions in Saskatchewan.

Flower shops in Saskatchewan are facing a shortage of holiday greenery.

Florists in the province rely on getting holiday flowers and greenery associated with Christmas from B.C., said Jana Ellis, owner of Bill's House of Flowers in Saskatoon.

But with B.C. roads and railways cut off by mudslides, flower shipments have been delayed.

"Christmas is our busiest season," Ellis told Saskatoon Morning host Leisha Grebinski. "It's usually a month and a half long, starting with your Christmas wreaths, flags and outdoor planters and things like that, which, of course, none of them are arriving."

An aerial view shows a damaged road near Lytton, B.C. (B.C. Ministry of Transportation/Reuters)

Ellis said a shipment of flowers that was supposed to come last week only arrived by air on Tuesday.

"We're trying to try to see if there's anything from that shipment that we can actually even salvage, which there probably won't be," she said.

Ellis said every flower shop in the province is facing the same situation.

"We're all in the same boat. We do have lots and lots of flowers, lots of plants and things, it just might not be the colour they want or the exact kind of flowers."

Holiday greenery are in short supply. (Submitted by The Mobile Makery)

With roads and rail lines reopening, Ellis is optimistic new orders will start arriving in the province again.

"Hopefully in the next little bit, we can get some [holiday greenery]," she said.

With files from Saskatoon Morning


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