Woman admitted to police on tape that she fatally shot Dylan Phillips

Shaylin Sutherland-Kayseas admitted to police in a videotaped interview that she fatally shot Dylan Phillips, but said that she did not intend to.

Shaylin Sutherland-Kayseas claims that she did not plan to kill 26-year-old

Shaylin Sutherland-Kayseas is charged in the first-degree murder of Dylan Phillips. (Facebook)

Shaylin Sutherland-Kayseas admitted to Saskatoon Police in a videotaped interview that she fatally shot Dylan Phillips.

But the 20-year-old Terror Squad gang member said she did not intend to shoot him. Rather, she claimed it happened accidentally during a home invasion gone bad.

"Okay, I shot him," she told Sgt. Corey Lenius near the end of a four-hour interview.

"I needed money and he was a drug dealer. I didn't plan to kill him … shit just went wrong."

Sutherland-Kayseas is on trial at Court of Queen's Bench charged with first-degree murder for the Oct. 14, 2016, shooting of Phillips.

Lenius interviewed Sutherland-Kayseas shortly after her arrest on the murder charge. Lenius coaxed personal information out of Sutherland-Kayseas about her upbringing and family before moving to her involvement in the Terror Squad and the events of the night Phillips died.

The young woman's adamant denials about being in the gang and not knowing anything about Phillips's death turned to admissions as Lenius presented key elements of the police investigation.

You're dragging a whole bunch of others through the mud … and first-degree mud is thick.- Sgt. Corey Lenius

At one point, another officer walked Sutherland-Kayseas through an "evidence showing," which detailed the case against her. This evidence included 150 recorded phone calls between the young woman and her sister, from the woman's jail in Prince Albert, Sask.

On the phone calls, the pair discuss destroying evidence and social media posts concerning "Shaylin Terrorsquadian Sutherland."

"Girls and phones," he said after hearing the recordings.

"F---ing phones," she replied.

Shaylin Sutherland-Kayseas in a photo from her facebook page. (Saskatoon Police Service)

At the conclusion of the evidence showing, Lenius recaps the findings with Sutherland-Kayseas.

"Your hand's in the cookie jar here," he said.

"There's DNA, the car, witnesses and phone calls. It's f---ing damning."

Toward the end of the interview, he confronts her with the image she presents on social media and on the phone calls from jail.

"Are you really the stone cold killer gangster b---h doing a mission to move up the ranks? 'Cause if you are, you've got to own it," he said.

"You're dragging a whole bunch of others through the mud … and first-degree mud is thick."

The trial continues Friday.

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Dan Zakreski is a reporter for CBC Saskatoon.