What are your most precious holiday traditions?

Saskatoon Morning is collecting your stories. We’ll share your traditions throughout the week and at our special open house on Friday.

Saskatoon Morning seeks stories of celebration

Saskatoon Morning Host Leisha Grebinski makes perogies during the holidays. (CBC)

Saskatoon Morning wants to hear about your holiday traditions! We are collecting your stories on our talkback number at 306-956-7456, by email at and on twitter @leishacbc. We'll share these stories throughout the week and at our special open house this Friday December 11th.

As a child, my favourite part of Christmas was the lead up.

Every year my mom would wrap the same children's books in differently patterned Christmas paper so we couldn't tell which book was which.

Then, each night before bed we got to pick one to unwrap and read together as a family until one book was left to mark Christmas Eve.

I didn't care if the books had tattered edges and had been read a hundred times. It was a tradition we came to cherish as kids.

Traditions are meant to be passed down from generation to generation. So when my 91 year-old Polish grandmother announced to me over the phone last week that she didn't have the energy to make perogies this year, I organized a perogy bee.
Saskatoon Morning host Leisha Grebinski works the perogy dough to uphold a long standing family tradition.

It took ten pounds of potatoes, two pounds of cheese, 12 cups of flour, and two friends to help with the pinching, but the Grebinski clan will get perogies at their 2015 Christmas dinner.

New traditions can spring up spontaneously. Last year, a neighbour set up a Christmas tree in our courtyard for all of us to enjoy. This year, we gathered together on a Sunday afternoon with cookies, hot chocolate (and Bailey's) to decorate as a community. It's now a gathering we plan to organize year after year.
Saskatoon Morning's Leisha Grebinski trimming the tree as part of a new tradition in the housing complex where she lives.

It's traditions like these that make the holidays so wonderful.

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