U of S asks students to stand up for victims of sexual assault

The University of Saskatchewan has launched a new campaign at the start of Sexual Assault Awareness Week, asking students to React to Sexual Assault.

University launches awareness campaign and safety app

Emmanauel Barker with the University of Saskatchewan Student's Union holds up the new USAFE app. It gives students instant access to emergency numbers and support groups in the event of a sexual assault. (CBC)

The University of Saskatchewan has launched an initiative asking students to React to Sexual Assault.

It's the working title of the university's main campaign for Sexual Assault Awareness Week.

"We all have a part to play in the elimination of sexual assaults in our community," said Patti McDougall, the vice-provost of teaching and learning.

The campaign encourages students, faculty and staff at the university to speak up against sexual assault, to find ways to be part of the solution and to support victims when they come forward.

"If they choose to tell someone at the U of S, we will do everything we can to support them," said McDougall.

The university is also making it easier for victims to get the support they need with a new app called USAFE.

Through the app, anyone carrying a smartphone can gain instant access to emergency and support organizations in the event they are sexually assaulted. The app can be downloaded here.

The U of S is also talking about its newly developed policy and procedure documents, to reinforce the position that the school does not tolerate sexual assault or misconduct.