University of Saskatchewan students pampered during exam season

Stressed out students are living a life of leisure on the University of Saskatchewan campus today. Everything from therapy dogs to hand massages are available from now until the end of exams.

Massages, snacks made available to students

Stressed out students are living a life of leisure on the University of Saskatchewan campus today.

Body massages, hand massages, puppy play time, snacks, games, free advice and more. All anti-stress measures offered by the school, because for first year students like Daisy Ko, relaxation is not a priority right now.

"During the first semester I didn't sleep a lot," Ko said. "That was, you know, not particularly healthy."

Terrie Fitzpatrick, manager of Student Counciling Services explained that during the month of April, the number of students seeking mental health help spikes at the university.

This is why the school is offering the help.

"Overall we're looking at how we all cope with our busy lives," Fitzpatrick said of the events. "Basic things like getting enough sleep, which is crucial to memory retention."

It is not just green, new students who are taking advantage of the perks either.

Jessica Iris stopped by the massage station set up in Place Riel over the noon hour on Tuesday; just ahead of one her fourth year evaluations for her Education degree.

Iris said the time out and the reminder to take care of oneself is what she needed.

"Just those really basic things like food and sleep and taking a shower every now and then can really improve how I feel about it," Iris said.

Nearby at the Murray Library on Tuesday afternoon, students were not only working like dogs, they were playing with them too.

"They're really soft. They're nice. It makes me feel calm," third year student Maria Martinez said of her timeout with the dogs. "It makes me feel nice inside."

It is almost like fun,- Matthew Wind, Student

It is the third time the University of Saskatchewan has hosted the therapy dogs on campus.The dogs are visiting various libraries at the school during exams.

"It's a little tough to explain, I don't know. It is almost like fun," third year student, Matthew Wind, said of his study break with the dogs on Tuesday. 

Here is the list of dates, times and locations for the anti-stress events on campus:

Therapy dog visits: 12 p.m. CST to 3 p.m. CST

  • April 15 - Engineering Library
  • April 23 - Leslie and Irene Dubé Health Sciences Library in Room 1430

Snacks and massages: 11 a.m. CST to 2 p.m.CST

  • April 15 - Place Riel Student Centre

Take a break at the library: LEGO, Play-Doh, crafts, puzzles, board games and free snacks

  • April 10-24 - Education and Music Library
  • April 13-30 - Murray and Science Libraries 
  • April 20-May 1 - Leslie and Irene Dubé Health Sciences Library

24/7 Safe Study: Murray Library stays open for student study after the rest of the library closes

  • April 10-29