'He didn't deserve this': Fatally shot father of 5 mourned by family in Saskatoon

The family of Saskatoon's latest homicide victim is urging those involved in the shooting to turn themselves in for the sake of the man's children.

'Please go turn yourself in so these kids can feel happy and live a safe life,' sister urges shooter

Kathy Cardinal, Tyler Applegate's common law partner, has been left to parent their five children alone. (CBC)

The family of Saskatoon's latest homicide victim is mourning the loss of a partner, brother and father of five.

Tyler Applegate was shot in the backyard of his home on the 2300 block of 33rd Street West July 22 after reportedly confronting a man who was urinating on his fence.

The 27-year-old died in hospital on Aug. 10 as a result of his injuries.

Applegate family says killing was senseless

His sister Sheila Applegate lives next door.

"We have his five kids who are left behind without a dad now," she told CBC on Monday.

"They didn't have the right to do what they did to him. He didn't deserve this, at all. His five kids don't deserve this."

Tyler Applegate was shot in his own backyard on July 22. He died later in hospital from his injuries. (Submitted photo)

Sheila said her three-year-old daughter has asked to go back to the hospital to see her uncle and she was forced to explain why they couldn't go.

"I had to tell her that day, 'Honey, uncle's not there anymore. He's up in heaven with God,'" she said. "He's never going to come home, but I can't explain that to her."

Applegate's other sister Selina said he was known for helping out anyone who needed a hand.

'Please go turn yourself in'

"He's truly going to be missed. He was a big part of many people's lives," she said. "He was an amazing guy."

The family is calling for justice, saying his children have been left to live in fear after the killing.

"Whoever pulled that trigger that day, please go turn yourself in so these kids can feel happy and live a safe life," Sheila said.

Tyler Applegate's sister Sheila lives next door to the 33rd street home where he was shot in July. (CBC)

The family said Applegate worked as a drywaller, a mechanic and was an all-around handyman.

Kathy Cardinal, his common law partner, said they were always together if he wasn't at work.

"Everything I did or he did, we supported each other through it fully," she said. "Tyler was my common law but he was also my best friend who was there for me through everything."

His death is the city's third homicide this year.

So far police have not released any information about any suspects and no one has been charged in the case. The investigation is ongoing.

Tyler Applegate's funeral will be held later this week.

With files from Charles Hamilton